Auto Repair Marketing Fallacies – Number 1

Auto Repair Marketing Fallacies Number 1

Auto Repair Marketing Fallacies Number 1. Cost-Per-Card-Mailed.
The Accepted Line Of Thought: Cost-Per-Card-Mailed is your most important consideration when buying auto repair marketing direct mail. All auto repair marketing companies give you the same results. Why pay more?

Auto repair marketing for higher income.

Since when was the cheapest of anything ever the best? Aren’t you trying to bring in the fine car high income customer for your own higher profits. 

Cost-per-card-mailed is merely a sales technique that makes cheap direct mail look good and higher priced direct mail look bad. (Creating the illusion that all auto repair marketing direct mail delivers equal results – so why pay more).

Since when was the cheapest of anything ever the best? Aren’t you looking for the best customers? Does a $100 per plate Steak House use cheap coupon flyers to attract the wealthy customer who can afford their menu? Of course not.

Auto Repair Marketing Post Cards.

Your auto repair marketing direct mail is more important than you think. It will actually determine the level of customer you will receive. Cheap car count marketing brings in needy customers. Pay a little more for proper targeting and class design, and you attract the fine car high income customer you absolutely must have to reach your income goals.

What kind of RO average do you have for first time, new customers responding to your current auto repair marketing direct mail? In the overwhelming majority of shops that use cheap, poorly targeted direct mail, you get the perfect reflection of what cheap auto repair marketing delivers. A Cheap Customer.

So why is the cost-per-card-mailed strategy so popular? It makes you feel wise for saving money – buying low – like you do with auto parts. The problem is it doesn’t increases your income because you get a low income customers with low RO averages. It can actually cause you to lose money on the profit side.

Yes, cost-per-card-mailed is a good indicator of what you are spending for your auto repair marketing. But to use it as a marketing strategy is absurd. Why? Because it carries no weight whatsoever in determining the quality of customer you bring in. Which is the only thing that matters.

But the worst offense is this. This so called strategy completely takes your eyes off the true goal of auto repair marketing.

What is the true goal? The only goal is to significantly increase your income. So why are you focusing on the cost of the postcard? You need to focus on what, the right postcard design, sent to the right car owner, can do for your income.

  • Delivering large numbers of fine car, high paying customers to your shop To Increase Your In-Pocket- Income is what you need to focus on.
  • Cost-per-card-mailed is meaningless. Profit-Per-New-Customer-Responding is the ONLY important consideration.
  • Your goal with direct mail is to increase your income, not go on a shopping spree for the cheapest postcard.
  • Instead – you need to launch a assault in your marketplace, strong enough to take fine car owners away from the dealerships and other independents. The fine car customer with money in their pockets. Those who love their car and are motivated to spend it on your services.
  • The postcard is merely a tool. The high income customer is the target. But, this customer is also your reward. Your reward for targeting the right customer by car make and year. And your reward for designing a card that will get their attention, and convince them that this is just the right place for them and to take their fine car.
  • As long as your focus is on the cheap postcard, the needy customers will focus on you. The fine car customer will not.
  • If you purchased shop equipment the same way most shop owners purchase direct mail, your shop would be filled with cheap equipment that was unreliable and breaking down all the time. Are you still using a bubble balancer? Of course not. Because it has become obsolete. In the same way, cheap carrier route saturation mailings and coupon packet mailers are obsolete.
  • But that doesn’t stop most of you from buying cheap advertising that fills your shop with needy, unreliable customers, that let you down all the time.

Auto repair marketing must be purchased for its money making results. Not its up front cost! You wouldn’t put regular fuel in a race car because it was cheap would you. 

You Can’t Buy Auto Repair Marketing Direct Mail
Like You Buy Parts.

Let’s say you are looking for a specific brand of shock absorber. You check 5 different parts distributors and find the lowest price. Perfect! You saved $1.50 each by shopping around. Total savings $6 bucks.

  • Why is this smart?
  • Why does this work?
  • Because the parts are all the same.
  • You know the quality.
  • You know the brand.
  • You know the warranty.
  • You know how long they will last.
  • You know you made $6 more on this job because you found the lowest price.
  • Parts are a known quantity. Finding the cheapest price is simply good business.

But buying auto repair marketing is completely different. Each company has different prices for different strategies and implementation. They are not even closely the same. Most attract and deliver low income customers. Some, (like Ad-Card) are sent only to fine car high income customers, selected by make, model and year using the DMV List. So, Ad-Card brings in only fine car customers with much higher RO averages.

If you focus on price-per-card-mailed, you get a cheap postcard that doesn’t deliver the high income customer.

  • If, however you pay a little more for the Ad-Card auto repair marketing direct mail program…
  • You get individually targeted car owners by make and year of car.
  • Using the DMV direct mail mailing list (or the Comp-A list).
  • For the first time, you now have a known quantity for your direct mail strategy.
  • A car owner. With a fine car. Who cares more about his car – than he cares about the price. He wants to keep his car running perfectly. And he’s got the money to do it.
  • You have just stepped into the world of the fine car high income customer.
  • Designed just for them.
  • Sent just to them.
  • Bringing only prime customers into your shop.
  • Creating an RO average you just can’t get from cheap, shotgun auto repair marketing.

Think about it: The fine car owner has spent a lot more money to buy a fine car. They are proud of their car. May even have their ego tied up in their car. They are willing – even happy – to spend whatever it takes to keep their car running to perfection.

If your auto repair marketing direct mail is not targeting fine car high income customers ONLY, you are wasting huge sums of money, by attracting customers you can’t possibly make a decent profit on.

But with the Ad-Card program, you know exactly who will be coming through your door based on the cars you have selected. All you have to do is go after the cars you make the most money on!

Side note: The DMV auto repair direct mail mailing list is available in 22 states for your auto repair marketing.

  • First Question – Is The DMV List Legal?
  • Yes, we have been selling the DMV direct mail mailing list for 10 years.
  • It is being used by some of the finest shops in the nation.
  • It is legal in those 22 states because those states are selling it again through our distribution.
  • But you can’t buy it from the states. They closed down their sales departments years ago.
  • But you can get it from us.
  • The reason it is legal is due to the way the list must be sold and used. Giving out no personal information. Call for further clarification. 800-428-0286.

But how about all the other list companies that say there is no DMV list?

  • Yes – other list companies will tell you that there is no such thing as a DMV List.
  • That it is still illegal. In fact, many other companies say they have the DMV list but give you personal information like phone numbers, vin numbers, etc. If they offer any personal information other than a name and address, this is not a DMV List.
  • They say, if you use the DMV List for auto repair marketing you can get in trouble with the government.
  • What else could they say if they wanted to sell you their list?
  • Sorry – but every one of their arguments is simply untrue.
  • But it is a great sales technique to get you to buy their list instead.
  • We have lost many sales to these false claims – to the detriment of the buyer.
  • But if you buy their list, they will be taking away from you, the best list you will ever use. It’s DMV!
CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE DMV LIST WEB SITE – OR CALL US AT 800-428-0286 – FOR MORE INFORMATION On The DMV List. Don’t let them steal from you, the very best auto repair marketing direct mail tool in the industry.

In the other 28 states we have The Comp-A mailing list. (The best compiled list we have found for non-DMV list states.) How do we know it is the best compiled list. We tested many compiled lists against our DMV List. Car for car, year for year, zip code for zip code. The Comp-A List came the closest to DMV results.

Either way. The best tools for finding the right customer, with the right car, are available right here.

Auto repair direct mail marketing. The Ad-Card by Motor Service Marketing delivers fine cars for your higher income.

An 11 year client with 3 shops in Boca Raton Florida talks about the Ad-Card auto repair marketing program and the DMV direct mail mailing list by car make and year..

Cheap marketing brings in needy customers by the cattle-car load. Ad-Card, on the other hand, weeds the needy customers out for you.

Auto Repair Marketing That removes the cheap customers for you.

When you pay for advertising that brings in a lot of these guys, you are using the most expensive auto repair marketing in the industry. It wastes your time having to weed out these no profit customers. This is why Cost-Per-Card-Mailed is completely meaningless! Because this type of advertising adds time and costs that you didn’t figure on.

  • The Ad-Card Program actually weeds out the needy customers for you.
  • That virtually eliminates one of the biggest costs you have with direct mail marketing.
  • Having your high paid staff, wasting time, having to weed through NO-PROFIT, needy customers – who are there only for the cheap oil change and free inspection. But never purchase the additional repairs or service.
  • When you use Ad-Card you won’t have to deal with performing cheap oil changes and car inspections for needy customers. We don’t send them a card.
  • So all your time is spent with high income, fine car customers. The very people you are looking for to build your customer base.
  • This Ad-Card cost saving benefit could actually make the Ad-Card program less expensive than the “Cheap” marketing programs.
  • But, Ad-Card delivers nothing but fine car customers.
  • That creates higher income for your and your staff.

You know exactly what I mean! How many times will it take for your techs and service writers to get fed-up doing cheap oil changes and the FREE car inspections – with no increased income? It would be different if most of them purchase the necessary repairs. But, when you use cheap marketing, most of them say no.

Did  you know that it can cost you up to $20 or $40 in staff time per needy customer? When you do the cheap (no profit) oil change and free car inspection. Without additional purchases, you are not just losing a sale. You are losing any profit you would have made on that sale, plus the expense of servicing a NO SALE customer.

Add that cost to the price of your cheap auto repair marketing. Also subtract the income you are not getting from the fine car customers who are repelled by your cheap postcard image. They take one look and don’t trust you to handle their fine car.

Your “CHEAP” auto repair marketing direct mail could actually be the most expensive advertising in the industry! Why? Because of the extra free work you do with no sales and the income you are missing by losing the fine car customer.

And what about your image. Have you sent out so many different cheap card designs that you look schizophrenic? Multiple personalities is the last thing you want with your advertising. But everyone is doing it – so it must be OK. Right?

Wrong! A fully integrated image, that is seen every time you show your brand, creates multiple impressions. This creates integrity, identity, longevity and trust in your potential customers.

A different image every time makes you look like – even you don’t know who you are. It tears down all credibility and eliminates the power of multiple impressions.

You want to look great and maintain the same image in every form of advertising you put out there. Some shops have sent out so much “Different Design” direct mail, the customer may not even know that it is from the same shop. Thus you lose your “Multiple Impression Value”, which is of the utmost importance to increase response rates.

Cheap postcard marketing does not have the critical elements in targeting and design content to attract the high income customer. The customer you absolutely must have to reach your income goals. In addition – ONLY – classy design and sniper shot targeting (the DMV mailing list) for your auto repair marketing – can deliver this fine car customer.

Low Cost-Per-Card-Mailed Auto Repair Marketing Companies have low price as their main selling feature. As such, they must justify it. They do this by having you make your choice (for their product) based on factors other than the true goal of delivering large numbers of high income customers. FOR EXAMPLE…

Cheap auto repair marketing brings in cheap customers.

If you are doing cheap Car Count Marketing, this customer would be considered part of your success. Because she brought in a car. When in fact, it is the very customer you lose money on.

Focusing On Increased-Car-Count. What does Car Count mean? Car count simply means a car came through your door.Whether it makes you money or you lose money on it doesn’t seem to matter. Because it is a car. And because the goal is car count, each car that comes in is counted as part of your “SUCCESS”. Income or no income.

When you are buying auto repair marketing, you are not buying a postcard. You are buying a the customer who comes through your door.

Cheap postcards attract needy customers. Proper targeting and card design may cost a little more, but it has the ability to deliver the fine car high income customer that creates the profit. IF IT IS TARGETED AND DESIGNED PROPERLY.

You don’t go out and buy a cheap $75 bubble balancer to create a booming, profitable, tire balancing business. Sometimes you have to spend a little more for the real thing. Auto repair marketing direct mail is exactly the same.

Click Below to read the article, or the book, to get a deeper feel for what works and what doesn’t work with auto repair marketing direct mail. If the word WORKS doesn’t mean higher income, and customers who come back at full price – it isn’t really working. If their definition of the word WORKS means higher car count, you are wasting your time and money.
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Book - The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service

Ad-Card Auto Repair Marketing Designed To Increase Your Income.

30 years of delivering fine car high income customers for Specialists and General repair shops all over the nation. Why haven’t you called us for information yet? 800-428-0282. Call Right Now for your free market analysis. You will be surprised what we can do for you.

Auto Service Advertising Direct Mail Delivering The Fine Car Customer.

Give us a call at 800-428-0286 and we will put together a free market analysis showing you the number of your favorite cars in your market area. No Obligation.

The Day Of Shotgun Auto Repair Marketing Is Over. That is – IF You Seriously Want To Increase Your Income. Why? Because everyone is doing it and everyone looks alike. If you want the high income customer – you need to look more than different. You need to look like the real thing.

Click Here to see how you can get a FREE Market Analysis based on the DMV List or The COMP-A mailing list. You will see, possibly for the first time, how many of the cars – you love to work on – are actually in your market area.

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